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Welcome Message

Kennedy LIU

Kennedy LIU

Welcome to the webpage of the Employees Compensation Assistance Fund Board.

The Board is established to administer the Employees Compensation Assistance Fund to provide assistance to injured employees or eligible family members of deceased employees. These eligible persons fail to receive employees’ compensation or common law damages for which the employer is liable after exhausting all legal and financially viable means of recovery from the employer (or insurer) concerned.

The Board has assisted thousands of eligible persons since its inception. While we are doing our utmost to ensure all eligible persons can get what they are legally entitled to, we also exercise due care in safeguarding the Fund against possible fraud and abuses.

Work injuries can lead to dire consequences for employees and employers alike, particularly when the latter have failed to take out insurance cover. As prevention is always better than cure, keeping the working environment safe and taking out employees’ compensation insurance cover are vital. That said, when employees unfortunately get injured at work, the Fund will always be there to serve as a safety net for them.

Wish that our Webpage will help you learn more about our work.