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The Employees Compensation Assistance Fund Board (“the Board”) was established on 1 July 1991 under the Employees Compensation Assistance Ordinance (Cap. 365) (“the ECAO”). It administers the Employees Compensation Assistance Fund (“the Fund”) set up under the ECAO and implements the Employees Compensation Assistance Scheme (“the Scheme”) for the protection of the entitlement of employees and eligible persons to compensation and relief payments for work injuries.

The Fund is financed by a levy payable by employers when they take out compulsory employees’ compensation insurance policies. The levy, collected by the Employees’ Compensation Insurance Levies Management Board (“the ECILMB”), is imposed under the Employees’ Compensation Insurance Levies Ordinance (Cap. 411) (“the ECILO”) at the rate of 5.8% of which 3.1% is allotted by the ECILMB to the Board in accordance with section 7 of the ECILO.

The statutory functions of the Board are:

  1. to hold the Fund upon trust and to administer the Fund in accordance with the objects of the ECAO;
  2. to receive on behalf of the Fund any sum representing the net resources of the ECILMB distributed to the Board pursuant to section 7 of the ECILO;
  3. to consider applications from persons applying for payment from or relief under the Fund;
  4. from time to time to advise the ECILMB with respect to the amounts of known and anticipated claims against the Fund,

and such other functions as may be assigned to the Board under the ECAO.

Appointed by the Chief Executive of the HKSAR under section 3(2) of the ECAO, the nine-member Board represents various interests and professionals. It comprises:

  • the chairman;
  • 2 members representing employers;
  • 2 members representing employees;
  • 1 expert member in the practice of accounting, investment or law;
  • 1 expert member in the practice of insurance; and
  • 2 public officers representing the Commissioner for Labour and the Director of Legal Aid respectively.

Board Membership

(From 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2024, for the term of 2 years)


  • Mr LIU Tat-yin, Kennedy


Employers’ Representatives

  • Ms WONG Yeuk-lan
  • Mr CHUI Man-wai, Rayman

Employees’ Representatives

  • Ms LEE Sau-king
  • Mr TSE Wang-yu

Professional Representatives

  • Ms HO Wei-wun, Vivian
  • Mr NG Wing-fat, Ronnie

Public Officers

  • Mr LI Chi-chung, Simon, JP (representative of the Commissioner for Labour)
  • Mr LI Chi-keung, Ben (representative of the Director of Legal Aid)

Secretariat - Organisation Chart

Organisation Chart

Address : 33/F, Morrison Plaza, 9 Morrison Hill Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel :2116 5684
Fax :2109 0310
Opening Hours:Monday to Friday 09:00-12:30 & 13:30-17:30